Why Is There Water In Your Basement?

Basement flooding is a nuisance for most homeowners and managing it can be quite the task. Basement waterproofing Toronto gets a huge number of assignments every year and talks about this issue in detail. Mostly it has been observed that rain water is the culprit. And on top of that if the foundation walls of your basement is weak it get all the easier for water to enter your basement area.

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There are a number of signs to look for when it comes to leakage in the basement. If you treat it at the beginning then it may save you a lot of money and prevent further complications. If you ignore these signs you will already experience a lot of flooding in your basement which will complicate the job of the professional as well. So look for the following signs;

  1. Wet carpet
  2. Damp drywall
  3. Cracked foundation wall
  4. Cracked floor
  5. Leaky windows
  6. Pipes condensed or beams exposed
  7. Deposit of salt
  8. Bad smell


Basement waterproofing Toronto gives a detailed reading into the causes for such leaks. Drains getting clogged are a huge problem, there is usually a fabric which filters debris, but with time the finer debris can make it through. It will end up in clogged drains. The buildup and pressure can lead to issues. There are two ways in which this may lead to the flooding of your basement eventually. They are as follows;

Hydrostatic pressure- A rainstorm can cause the soil being saturated with water. The weight of the water might rise to 60lbs and this leads to the formulation of hydrostatic pressure according to Basement waterproofing Toronto. The water will then start entering the foundation wall and hence cause leak. This leak will not show itself at first but slowly with the increase of pressure flooding will happen.

Soil Settlement- This issue occurs during the time when the foundation is being built, by over digging and that problematizes the concrete that is being poured. Later the dirt is refilled without proper compaction. This leads the soil to settle easily. Overtime voids will begin to form under the walls leading to cracks. According to Basement waterproofing Toronto, this is when water starts entering the basement.


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How to treat it?

The best and probably the only thing to do when you are faced with a leaky basement is to call a professional. If you have standing water in your basement you seriously cannot live with it and self-help does not apply in such circumstances. This is beyond your expertise. So call Basement waterproofing Toronto and get the best services with least expenses and also expert advice. The chief mistake that most homeowners make is try to deal with it on their own which complicates the situation further and your contractor may no longer be able to help you. Also professionals will make sure that further leakage problems are prevented. So do deal with alone, call a professional.

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