Tips to Paint Your House Exterior Door

Toronto painting exterior doors can be a pretty messy affair. Homeowners tend to love the idea of painting their front doors particularly painting the exterior door black or red due to the added protection that it can offer during Toronto’s harsh weather conditions even if the cost of painting is almost nothing. However, painting the front door can be very easy, you just have to know how to paint.  Here are some tips that will help you to print the exterior door.

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Prepping Up for Painting the Exterior Door

  • You should never start a project when it is very warm in Toronto. Make sure that you avoid complete contact with sunlight prior to starting the painting project.
  • The ideal temperature ranges in between 10-30 degree. It is necessary to ensure that there is no rainfall forecast for the next 24 hours. This is because freshly painted door for the Toronto painting will be spoilt in moisture.
  • You can either fill in the gaps with tape or choose to remove the front door for lessening the painting mess on your floor.
  • Early morning is considered to be the ideal time of the day to prep up your door and paint it. This is going to give your door the time to dry up till the sunset.
  • Preparing the front door also means that you will have to remove the knockers, knobs, and peepholes.

Things You Need for Painting the Front Door?

  • The first thing that you need for painting is the paint, primer, undercoat, and brush.
  • For prepping the door, wash this and wait for this to dry and then sand it. Color sticks work better for sanded doors. However, sanding is only good for heavily weathered doors. In case you do not need this, you can skip the step.
  • In case the door has glasses in it, you can cover it up with newspaper.
  • If you do not want to remove the front door, place a drop cloth under the door for covering the floor from excessive paint.
  • To remove the door, you have to use sawhorses. This is good when you are already painting your exterior door.
  • When it comes to paint, you have to choose the right color as per your style and preference. Make sure that it is in tune with the exterior color scheme of your house so that your Toronto painting blends in.
  • The material and the door condition will help you to choose the ideal kind of paint. High gloss paints are not good for old doors.

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The Process of Painting Exterior Doors

  • Make sure that you don’t start Toronto painting just yet, apply the undercoats first. You need to ensure that it has the same palette as the main paint color.
  • You have to start with the primers. Primers are going to be necessary if the existing paint in the door aren’t in a good condition or if the transition from a gloomy to vibrant color.
  • Paint one section of the door at one time. Use adhesion primer as it sticks better.
  • Cracking might be a problem but you will be able to apply caulks all by yourself.
  • Painting the exterior isn’t a one way process. If the door has panels, you can paint it with undercoat.
  • After the undercoat has dried up, start with the center and end up Toronto painting with the sides. Let it dry for two hours.
  • Apply the final coat using the same technique.
  • Drying time is dependent on certain conditions but overnight drying is optional.


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