There are many summer job opportunities for forestry students across Canada. Fire fighting, insect and disease surveys, tree planting, and work as research assistants are a few of these. Forestry summer work generally pays a good wage, and allows students to gain practical experience from the ground up.

  • There are tree planting opportunities all across Canada. You can find out more at www.tree-planter.com
  • Visit www.irvingplantstrees.com to tree planting jobs in the Maritimes.
  • Service Canada also offers several programs for students which may interests you.

Because forestry is so tied to our environment, volunteering with a local environmental organization is a great way to gain some experience and learn about our forests. Join your school’s environment club or get involved in local environmental issues that you are interested in.

Once you have begun your studies, all of the region’s forestry-related programs offer extensive assistance in helping you find summer employment opportunities that will advance your career goals.