When it comes to finding a career, there’s no sector as dynamic, interesting and opportunity-filled as forestry. It touches on every aspect of our lives. It has a history going back to the beginning of humanity. And it needs talented people like you to help it move forward.

So it should be no surprise that when you are looking for a career in forestry, you have a wide range of choices before you. Depending on where in forestry your interests lie, where you want to go to school and for how long, there is certain to be a program with the focus, length and jobs that fits you.

Education opportunities for those looking to work in forestry ranges from:

  • community college programs to give you the skills needed to work in hands-on in careers like hi-tech mechanical harvesting, fire prevention and reforestation
  • degree and diploma programs allowing you to work as a Forest Professional for large and small businesses, governments at both the federal and provincial level, small woodlot owners, researchers, urban forestry companies, environmental groups and many more.
  • undergraduate and post-graduate degree programs allowing you to do indepth research and help plan the future of how our forest are managed.

When you choose a career in forestry, the trail you take is up to you!